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Grant Number 5 R25 TW001599-17

Goals and Deliverables

The overall goal of the SARETI training programme is to build African capacity for the ethical review and implementation of relevant, appropriate and ethical health research, and to strengthen Africa’s institutional training capacity to achieve and sustain this aim.

Goal 1:

To provide advanced, multi-disciplinary education in health research ethics to senior professionals in Africa whose work impacts on health research ethics

Specific Objectives:

  • to offer Masters-level education to senior health professionals, researchers and academics enabling them to provide leadership in health research ethics in Africa
  • to create a learning environment that provides trainees with substantial theoretical and practical learning in research ethics in bio-medicine, public health, and the social and behavioural sciences
  • to provide trainees with a foundation in bioethics, human rights, law, research design and research methods
  • to provide trainees with a set of critical application skills for health research ethics in developing countries
  • to provide trainees with practical learning in terms of institutionalising ethics review of health research and skills in teaching health research ethics to others
  • to stimulate trainees to publish their work in health research ethics

Goal 2:

To strengthen institutional capacity to continue health research ethics education, development and research in Africa

Specific Objectives:

  • to create an integrated, multi-disciplinary health research ethics training platform
  • to provide further training opportunities to faculty in the two African academic institutions
  • to promote the utilisation of SARETI modules by faculty in all disciplines that conduct research in the health field

Goal 3:

To increase Ethics Review Committee awareness of ethical issues in health research

Specific Objectives:

  • to offer training modules for members of Ethics Review Committees and simultaneously provide 'continuous professional development’ workshops  

Goal 4:

To extend the impact of SARETI programmes by facilitating networking of professionals with health research ethics training and experience in Africa

Specific Objectives:

  • to fund one of the SARETI Masters trainees annually to spend 1 month based at COHRED in Geneva, Switzerland from where the student will work at COHRED/MARC/HRWeb, the Ethics Review Committee of the World Health Organisation (WHO), and spend time on the Training and Resources in Research Ethics Evaluation (TRREE) programme at the University of Neuchâtel in Switzerland
  • to use SARETI graduates as teachers and field supervisors for future trainees
  • to link trainees to other African resources and ethics initiatives, e.g. MARC, TRREE, etc 

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