Fogarty International Center
National Institutes of Health
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  • Evaluating Research Designs (PSYC826)

  • Introduction to Bioethics (PSYC827)

  • Introduction to Health Law and Research (PSYC830)

  • Introduction to Human Rights for Health Researchers (PSYC829)

  • Critical Issues in Informed Consent (PSYC831)

  • Children and Health Research (PSYC839)

  • Ethical Issues in Women's Health Research (PSYC835)

  • Research Ethics: African and Indigenous Perspectives (PSYC834)

  • Responsible Conduct of Research and Research Integrity (PSYC833)

  • Institutionalising Ethical Review of Health Research (PSYC828)

  • Ethical Issues in HIV Vaccine Trials (PSYC838)

  • Ethical Issues in International Collaborative Health Research (PSYC837)

  • Ethical Issues in Community-Based Research (PSYC836)

  • Religion and Ethics in Health Research (PSYC841)

  • Behaviour and Research (PSYC832)

  • Practical Ethics Committee (IRB) Participation

  • Research Dissertation (MSocSc) (PSYC8RD)

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